Whenever *KD* gets too chubby, his daddy calls him ChubChopz… so, when I made a bunch of plushie petz based on him and designed to look like stuffed animals, guess what I called them? That’s right!

Meet the original ChubChopz!chubchopz

Katydid will be staying at Madcap, but the rest have gone up in our PUGS Shop¬†already and several more have been made to join them. I’m also doing some solids, so there’s black and white available. I might be open to customs for trades if anyone really wants one but doesn’t want to do PUGS to get one. They are based off my original Kaimutts file, which was, as mentioned in the name, based off mutts, so they have a mutt SCP. They are so snuggly and playful and adorable I could just die.